Rider Information

General Information


The following facilities are available during the event:

  • Toilets, showers and change facilities available at the start/finish line
  • Free security area provided for cycle participant's bikes at the conclusion of the ride
  • Drink stations provided on the course and at the finish
  • Registrations available on the morning of the event - report to registration tent in cycle marshalling area

Course Start Times


Riders from all six courses will finish at a similar time of day.  2018 ride times TBA.

Date: Sunday, 1st October 2017

What to bring


All courses will have en route hydration and support, however it is highly recommended that you bring the following:

  • Water bottle(s)
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare tubes (more than one if doing Dirty 130) pump / gas canisters for longer rides
  • Helmet (Australian standard approved)
  • Appropriate cycle clothing and footwear

After the Ride

Stay and enjoy the Craft Beer & Cider Festival

Courses are available for riders of all levels – ages 12 and over for 30km and up to 50km. 9km course available for ages below 12 years with adult supervision. Dirty 130km, 105km and Filthy 50km rides suitable for experienced riders only.


Riders Packs

Dirty 130 participants will receive a rider pack containing:

  • Gears and Beers (Rapha designed) event cycle cap
  • Rapha Dirty 130 bottle opener
  • Rapha Musette
  • Rapha Cloth Ride Number
  • Rapha Sample Chamois Cream
  • Wristband rider ID and free festival entry identifier 
  • Illustrated Ride Map
  • Top Tube Sector Sticker
  • Drink bottle (from sponsors NRMA Bush & Campbell, Commins Hendriks)
  • Jelly Beans and lots more.

Participants entering the 9, 30, 50, Filthy 50 and 105km rides will receive a rider pack containing:

  • Gears and Beers (Rapha designed) event cycle cap
  • Collectable cloth ride number.
  • Wristband rider ID and Free festival entry identifier
  • Drink bottle (from Sponsors NRMA Bush & Campbell Commins Hendriks)
  • Aussie Butt Cream for the first 240 entries (Thanks Petrina)
  • Jelly Beans and lots more


Entry Fees

There are six different entry fees relevant to the distance you choose to ride.

All rider entries include free entry into the festival.

Online entries will close at 9pm Saturday, 30th September 2017. Limited entries will be available on Sunday morning 1st October 2017 – from the registration tent located on the steps of the Wagga Wagga City Council Chambers.

Rider packs may be collected Saturday afternoon of 30th September 2017 from the Registration tent at 4pm, located on the steps of the Wagga Wagga City Council Chambers. Manual registrations can be done during this time.


Road Rules and Cycling Etiquette

The following rules are designed to ensure the safety of all riders and those around them:

  • Obey all road rules
  • Always correctly wear your approved helmet
  • Wear clothing that increases your visibility to other road users
  • Don't ride more than two abreast
  • Don't pass on the left of a cyclist
  • Always call 'passing' when you are overtaking a fellow cyclist
  • Always signal and call when you are stopping and move to the left hand side of the road
  • Eat and drink regularly - your body needs constant fuel
  • Take your space on the road keeping clear of the edge
  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event without notice should they consider this necessary for safety reasons
  • The organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry at any time
  • No refunds of entry fees
  • No obstruction is to be caused to the movement of vehicular traffic. Supporters must not follow competitors
  • The only vehicles permitted to follow the event are Police and Official cars
  • All participants must follow the directions of ride officials, Marshalls, and police officers, and follow the course as marked. You must make way immediately for all emergency vehicles, including Police, SES, Fire Brigade and Ambulance.
  • The organisers reserve the right to alter without notice any of the Ride Rules which govern the event.


Accommodation in Wagga Wagga

Travelling or enjoying the beer and cider? The following local accommodation businesses are proud supporters of this event: